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Branded in Paradise

What We Mean by Branded in Paradise

What was the description the first European arrivals gave Florida when they stepped on land? It was a natural paradise. Unlike their British neighbors who went north and froze their proverbial tails off or built a town in a swamp and suffered for it, the arrivals in Florida realized they had something amazing on their hands and created the beginnings of the Florida paradise we know today. So, when we say TIYS Clothing is branded in paradise, we essentially mean that all of our clothing choices carry the spirit and fun of beach wear made to be functional and enjoyable to wear at the beach, or at least remind folks of when they were at the beach last. Our approach to style and collections is rooted in our own experience of a tropical paradise, from Hawaii to Florida, and what beach wear should be for comfort, fun and playing in the sun.
Why You Get Graphic Tees and Tanks in the First Place
What you tell people is often communicated by what you wear. If you put on a stuffy, conservative suit when you step out for the day, people will assume you’re all about business or, worse, you're absolutely against having any fun. When you decide to wear graphic tees and tanks, you’re telling folks it's time to play, get to the outdoors, and enjoy some casual time together. At TIYS Clothing our focus is as much about enjoying life as it is wearing clothing that makes sense for the outdoors and being at the beach. Clearly a suit would be the wrong thing to wear on a boat ride along the coast. But our clothing is ideal for it. So, when you want to tell the world it’s time to have some fun, get out in nature, and feel the sand between your toes, our TIYS Clothing beachwear gives you a solid collection of choices to get the marketing job done. Have fun already!

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