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This Is Our Story




Remember that beach bonfire you had with friends? Or when you and your crew kayaked to those islands? How about that time you and the besties had maybe one too many mimosas at brunch? These are the chapters that write your story -- and we want to be part of it!


Our goal at TIYS is to create that article of clothing that you reach for when you're headed out on your next adventure. Whether it's something you grab on your way out the door or that piece that always hangs in the front of your closet, we want to be on the road with you!




Maria and her husband's story has taken them on a tour of beaches and palm trees from California to Hawaii to Florida. When in Hawaii, they fell in love with the laid back, adventurous vibe that greeted and hosted them for those years.

Maria began creating wooden beach signs to symbolize the vibes, but soon found herself wanting to wear her designs. It wasn't long before she decided to buy a screen press and teach herself about graphic design and screen printing. Creativity sparked and Maria's goals grew larger -- into a business she operates from home! Though life has taken them thousands of miles, she can't help but want to share a little piece of paradise with everyone, including you.


Thanks for being a part of our story.

We can't wait to be a part of yours!

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