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Salty Florida

What is Salty Florida?

If you’re next to the ocean whether it be in the Keys, Miami or Siesta Key, then you’re going to know salty Florida is just a fact of life. Beachwear and beach life is natural on the coast, and the salt air permeates everything. When you go out in the day, you taste and smell it in the air. When you go in the water, the salt is obvious, and when you eat food it adds a bit of unique taste on the coast you’re not going to find inland. That salty Florida feel is what we try to incorporate in branded t-shirts and beachwear from TIYS Clothing. We know you can’t spend everyday frolicking at the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing clothing that reminds you of it. Shirt, tanks and clothing from TIYS are about getting back to your coastline nature and getting a bit of saltwater in your hair and nose. It’s about remembering the beach again, something primal in all of us that we need once in a while.
The American Style of the Beach Shirt
Let’s face facts; the beach t-shirt is really a unique, American style. All over the world, anyone else trying the same thing often ends up copying some kind of American logo and shirt design. And it becomes really obvious in those parts of the world where they follow a different culture, even wearing button shirts to the beach still because that’s what they are used to in that destination. Hands down, the beach shirt has represented the American image for decades, well back to the early days when the t-shirt was really just a stock, bleach white fabric and nothing more. It was functional, easy to put on and take off, and there was no need to worry about getting it pressed. Today’s shirts are an array of images, colors and styles, but a quality beach shirt still matters. That’s why at TIYS Clothing will still maintain that American spirit with a well made t-shirt and beach imaging that stands out and celebrates our culture at the beach.

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